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About the Xinyun stone industry

Xinyun stone (Yunfu) Co., Ltd. has been through the course of twelve years, has been committed to artificial quartz stone research and development and production. The development of new cloud stone has become a landmark brand of man-made quartz plate industry in China, and the company has won the national Spark Program certificate,

Guangdong Province, the title of brand-name products, high-tech enterprises, and passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 artificial stone environmental management system certification authority, and Guangdong province was awarded as the pilot unit base in Guangdong R & D center of artificial stone. The company has directly participated in the drafting of the national standards for artificial stone.
The new cloud stone industry professional focus on the artificial quartz stone plate products R & D and production, the company from the first artificial quartz stone plate production line put into production in 2005 has developed into today's product R & D and production equipment, design and manufacture of the comprehensive strength of enterprises. At present, there are 8 large automatic production lines of quartz stone plate, from production capacity to production period to meet customer requirements.

Let the decoration more beautiful, is the development idea of the new cloud, the new cloud stone products very low carbon environmental protection, strength, high hardness, anti fouling and corrosion, complete varieties and said, the company independent original new cloud stone eight series of products, quality and bright color trend, fashion style become an independent school and to maintain adequate market competitiveness.

The future, the new cloud continues to adhere to the continuous innovation, the pursuit of perfection of the spirit of enterprise, with excellent product and service for the first normal, keep pace with the demand change, open the global vision, playing the new cloud brand model, make the decoration more beautiful!